Identify, Obliterate & Replace
The Negative Subconscious Stories

That Are (Mis)guiding 80% of Your Life
Whether you’ve been on the path of personal development for a few weeks or a few years…
You’ll probably agree that you haven’t seen the results you expected. Why?

Well, one of two reasons:
  • You can’t decide which program, teacher or course to get started with. Or...
  • You don’t finish what you start… often finding yourself distracted by some new book, course or speaker instead.
To help liberate you from procrastination and lack of follow-through, I've created a free 6-lesson course called "Getting Things Changed."

It explains the inner and outer obstacles conspiring against your efforts at changing your life for the better.

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Here's What Your Free Course Covers:

Lesson #1) Boundaries Can Set You Free

See how people destroy their will power by only working towards their personal developments goals when “the spirit is willing.” Plus, in this first lesson, I expose an even cleverer act of self-sabotage your subconscious mind cooks up to make you think you’re doing “extra” – when you’re really just quitting.

Lesson #2) Unnatural or Uncomfortable?

Find out how most people’s subconscious minds trick them into giving up before they make any progress (at anything) because “it doesn’t feel natural.” Read why giving up early on activities that can improve your life is actually extremely unnatural.

Lesson #3) Gag Your Inner Critic

You most likely have a doubting, critical voice in your head that is totally against you making any serious improvements to your life. In part 3, find out exactly why it is so scared of change and why you need to silence this “Inner Critic” first, before you can make any substantial progress in life.

Lesson #4) 127 Hours or 127 Days?

Aaron Ralston’s life changed after a boulder pinned his arm down in the wilderness for 127 hours, alone, dehydrated and exposed to the elements – before he finally escaped by self-amputation. Find out why I recommend taking a less intense and slower approach to liberate your life from the inner boulders of doubt and procrastination.

Lesson #5) Instant Transformation Junkies

In part five, I show you how the desire for “fast results” is rooted in our early experiences as a helpless infant. Find out how this childhood habit stops us from putting into effect the law of attraction. Learn how to create an abundant future for yourself tomorrow, while living totally present today.

Lesson #6) Fail Your Way to Success

Discover how you can go down the totally wrong path for six months and still make tremendous progress. In the second last lesson, you'll learn how most grade schools force students to ignore all their own unique learning preferences -- causing you to find self-growth and self-study both difficult and uncomfortable.

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